About Benahavis LBB – Opening the Door to Benahavis

Benahavis LBB is a guide to local business in Benahavis village and its municipal. As a directory site, we aim to provide an informative and useful  platform for our visitors, which aims to bring Benahavis to the forefront of the Costa del Sol when it comes to tourism. Our team of dedicated specialists work tirelessly online to provide an up to date medium for tourists from across the world and our local residents. But more importantly, the staff at LBB also extend a warm welcome to all Benahavis businesses Рwe are known as the Dining Room of the Costa del Sol, and we want the world to know it.

However we’re not just about the restaurants, cafes and bars, although there are over 30 in this tiny, beautiful village. Nestled in the mountains, with only one road in and one road out, Benahavis has much more to offer tourists and residents than just our gastronomic¬†smorgasbord. Benahavis has shops, galleries and a busy cultural diary along with many beautiful walks and cycle routes for all to enjoy.

This area of Southern Spain sees many changes in business operations during the year. Sometimes changes occur with opening times and days, reflecting the changing seasons and at other times, new, refurbished and reopening ventures. Others, sadly, the closing of businesses. With such a massive influx of visitors during the summer months, businesses work very hard, while most people are enjoying the weather, and continue to work hard maintaining continuity in the quieter, winter months. Maintaining up to date information for our visitors requires continuous communication between the LBB and our local business contributors. If you find our website useful and venture into any of the businesses listed here, please let them know their time and money has been put to good use and tell them you saw them in the LBB. Thankyou.


Benahavis LBB – For Local Businesses

LBB dedicates most of its online directory and informational site to the local business owners, who tirelessly work day and night to provide the most pristine services and some of the tastiest food. We understand how the summer months can be exceptionally busy, yet in the winter, things tend to die down some. The LBB will help keep your business promoted, even throughout the winter months here on the Costa del Sol. We do this with a full staff which includes SEO & Marketing professionals, who understand the importance of promoting online. Today, in the 21st century, every business type and form of advertising is moving online, and there is no going back.

Mobile friendly, always up to date, a social presence and a fool proof marketing plan is what Benahavis LBB can offer to its clients. You want to be found, not only in the summer but in the winter months as well. We provide the services you need, and at a fraction of the costs you would expect from simply hiring your own marketing specialist. Because most of our dedicated staff lives in Benahavis, we are eternally biased, which is a good thing, especially for our little nook of heaven on the Costa del Sol.

Each year Malaga province welcomes millions of tourists, and one hot spot that stands out among the rest are the white washed villages of Andalucia. Our goal is to promote the local businesses in the village and surrounding municpal, helping those tourists find our little but very vibrant village. This is a chance for local businesses to showcase what truly makes them special. Even in the winter months, Benahavis still stands out, because of its quaint traditional Spanish feel, stunning setting and many choices of places to go.

Why should you choose Benahavis LBB to Promote your Business?

In a nutshell we provide the following:

  • Stylish pocket sized book/guide
  • Online business listing
  • SEO services
  • Facebook promotions and advertising
  • Content creation
  • …and more

Benahavis is a village only 7km up from the coastal line of the Mediterranean, and sits high above natural surroundings.  Besides local businesses or a sleuth of some of the best restaurant on the whole of the Costa del Sol; our beautiful village also attracts sports enthusiasts, hikers, cyclists and rouge travellers, all looking for that bit of extra adventure. Because we live in Benahavis, and feel passionately about the locals, and the businesses, we decided to use our set skills to help promote the town.

Combined, we have over 10 years experience in Marketing online, social media management, website design, and online promotions and advertising. Our off line marketing experience extends over 30 years. Our research has shown us that over 75% of tourists vising the Costa del Sol are using a mobile device, and using social media platforms to discover more information about a particular spot. The Benahavis LBB is Internet ready so to speak, and our efforts are already showing within Google’s rankings and search. With our network of businesses, and our social presence, we can in effect, promote your business for all to see. Our experience speaks for itself, and we can offer something truly substantial for your Benahavis business.