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Many local activities take place all year long in Benahavis, right in the village itself or you can travel in each direction to find more fun things to do. What makes Benahavis so special is its perfect location, situated only minutes away from Estepona, San Pedro and Marbella. Another great day out would be a trip to the city in the clouds, otherwise known as Ronda.

There are specialized excursions and tourists groups that can take you on the ‘river run’ in Benahavis, where you climb and swim in the river or jump off rocks into the clear waters below. Other excursion tours offer part & full days to local places of interest and even African Safaris and survival day camps. Release the adventurer in you ….. For the best guides and tours in area contact Andys X life Tours or Marco with Safari del Sol. Both offer a very knowledgeable and hands on experience of the area. 

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Benahavis village, like its counterparts across Andalucia impress upon a deeper meaning that can only be discovered by re-visiting the ancient past. Because the history is so rich, the village makes for a great day out, you and your family can visit the Castle of Montemayor, only four kilometres away, and out of sight of the village itself. The castle was built in the 11th century as part as a defensive structure, built to protect the Nazarine Kingdom of Granada during the Moorish rebellions. Even though the castle is seven kilometres from the sea it still commands a view of over 100 kilometres of coastline as far south as North Africa. 

Even more exciting is that for hundreds of years there were rumours of secret passageways linking the castle to the sea. It was in 1960 when the rumours proved to be true. It was a lorry travelling along the N340, when it dropped into a hole. The hole was part of a section of passageway that was large enough to accommodate a man on horseback that ran from the foundations of Montemayor castle to the shore. A remarkable feat of engineering. Part of the castle still remains and is a good walk from the village.

With such an expansive and diverse area of Southern Andalucia to explore there are many options in how to best enjoy it. Perhaps you want to join mountainous bike rides to Rhonda or a leisurely ride along the flat & impressive Paseo Maritimo appeals? Maybe you’d like to hire a bike for a day or a week for you and your family or friends?  Or hacking out in the Spanish countryside would reawaken forgotten pastimes, or even the opportunity for pony club or summer camp for your child is something to think about? With a back drop of Estepona mountain and the countryside from a different perspective, maybe you’ll or your child will get hooked and get yourself a part time livery?

Down on the coast, for the kids, there’s an ‘on water’ water park, a trampoline park within 10 minutes drive and a beautiful independent zoo within an hours drive of Benahavis. For kids and adults there are local kite surfing schools just 15 minutes away, a local and very popular cable ski only 10 minutes and just near Estepona the best paintball set up for miles around.

There are so many things to do, for all ages and all kinds of people…there’s more to the Costa Del Sol than sunbathing, golf, eating, drinking and partying….some days you just need a break! Here’s what there is and where they are.

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